Welcome to the Men’s Ministry page. Hopefully this information, and the associated links, will impress upon you the high value we place on evangelizing, equipping, encouraging, and edifying men. We also hope that you will be motivated to get involved in one or more of our men’s ministries. Here is an overview of what we have going on.


The purpose of men’s ministries is twofold:

  1. To be used by God to bring men to Christ
  2. To be used by God to help men become more like Christ

Everything we do is directed at accomplishing these two purposes.


Our ministry opportunities for men are organized into four increasingly focused levels:

LEVEL 1: Sunday Events

These include Sunday worship service, greeting ministry, ushering, set-up and tear down, and audio/video. These provide a comfortable way to get connected to the church and start serving the body.

LEVEL 2: Community Groups

Scattered through Murrieta, Temecula and Menifee are mid-week meetings where people gather for discipleship, fellowship and outreach. This a great way to get connected to people, study God’s Word in more detail, and learn how to apply His teachings to specific issues in your life.

LEVEL 3: Men’s Studies 2023-2024


Start Date: September 12
When: Tuesday mornings at 5:30 AM
Location: Providence Church in Murrieta.

Men of the Word aims to equip men to act like men because lives depend on it. We do this by studying and applying God’s word through a curriculum designed to help men learn to study the Bible as they study the Bible together with other men.

Any questions – contact Francisco Martinez

Click the link below for more info.


Start Date: September 9
When: Saturday Mornings from 7:00-9:00 AM
Where: FBC Warehouse

Refinery focuses on the individual believer and to spiritually grow oneself to prepare and learn how to biblically mentor others who struggle in specific sin areas. There is a manual and workbook with extensive use of scripture and questions to help walk the believer through practical applications to help grow in Christ.

There is a $70.00 fee for the workbook and manual.

Any questions – contact Jim Phillips.

Click the link below for more info.


Start Date: September 26
When: Tuesday Nights from 6:30-8:30 PM
Where: Henry’s home in Menifee

TC Prep is a program for men who are considering joining the Training Center but would like introductory time to get adjusted to the program. TC Prep takes the fast-paced first semester of regular TC and slows the time down. Integrating the same memory verses, same curriculum, and similar assignments but at a more chronological and less intensive pace. Whether you are considering joining TC next year or looking to build up a deeper understanding of biblical truth – this class will get you equipped.

Any questions – contact Rob Long.

LEVEL 4: Training Center

The Training Center is an intense three-year course of study designed to create mature men of God who will lead in the local church. It focuses on creating a solid foundation in the Bible and theology, teaching men to shepherd the local body and lead in the local church.


We have several other ministries which minister to men.


This is our activities and events ministry. The focus of this ministry is evangelism and integration with other church ministries to provide edification, education and encouragement through activities and events. If you like to have fun, click the button below to learn more about being involved in X-Men.

Men at Work:

Men at Work is a ministry where men use their skills and strength to meet the physical needs of the members of the body and to assist at church events. Click the button below to learn more about Men at Work and to sign up.

Jail Ministry:

We believe there is a biblical obligation to bring Christ to men in jail and to help them become more like Christ. To that end we have a vibrant, ongoing ministry to men in jail. CLICK the button below to complete the interest form. 

  • Membership at FBC is REQUIRED to serve in this ministry.
  • Please contact Bryan Glenn with any questions.

Biblical Guidance:

We believe that most men are increasingly feeling the pressures and obligations of life and that they are typically hesitant to reach out for help (if they do, they often turn to things that at best mask the problems.) FBC’s commitment is to help men discover and effectively use the Bible’s solutions to their issues and situations. Click the button below to get more information about this ministry.

We pray that as you get involved in these ministries, they will help you pursue Christlikeness in all you do.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk, please contact Bill O’Brallahan by following the link below.