What to Expect

welcome map

Coming to a new church can be intimidating, but knowing what to expect at your first visit certainly helps. Right now, Faith Bible Church meets at Bella Vista Middle School in Murrieta, and below is a simple map of the patio area.

  • 1Info Table: When you first arrive, you will see the Info Table to your right. There, you can ask any questions about FBC. The same area also has tables for Men’s, Women’s and other ministries.
  • 2Entrance to Worship Center
  • 3Beverage Center: At the end of the row of tables, you will find our beverage center with hot coffee, tea and water.
  • 4Children’s Ministry Check-In: To find the children’s ministry, walk to the end of the tables and turn right. Walk to the next building, where you will see the check-in table. Someone will be there to help you with the electronic check-in process.

Our service begins with a few worship songs, and you can click here to learn about our style of music. After a few announcements, we will have a greeting time where you will get to meet those around you. The sermon starts after greeting time. We partake in communion following the sermon, which is accompanied by a few more songs. The service wraps up with a few more announcements, and then some friendly leaders will be at the front left to answer any questions about the sermon or FBC.

We can’t wait to meet you!