Our Leadership

FBC Leadership

Our leadership isn’t the church. They exist to humbly serve and train the church to proclaim Jesus and live for Him each day. Jesus is the head of the church, which means that He has authority over it and His Word guides and governs it. As a church, we are striving to be humble, holy and Bible-saturated as we live each day for God’s glory and not our own. For more information about leadership of individual ministries, check out our Leadership page.


The members of our church are the backbone: they serve, they worship, they love their neighbors. We rely on them to learn diligently, to pursue Jesus passionately, and to cheerfully work for his kingdom.

Because Faith Bible Church values its members and their leadership and service, we strive to keep a small staff so that we are stewarding resources well. If there are ministries that we currently do not have, we want to equip and help our members to start them.

Our goal as a church is to serve the Inland Empire and to proclaim Jesus, and our members are devoted to doing that. If you are interested in entering into a deeper commitment with Faith Bible Church, we encourage you to move into membership.


Deacons are men who minister in the church in special areas of service, under the oversight of the eldership (Acts 6:1-15). These tested men have met the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3, and are gifted servants who lead the church in practical ministry and hands-on care for members of the church. Their goal is to free up the elders to focus more specifically on the ministry of the Word and prayer.


The church is to be led by a plurality of qualified and diversely gifted men who work together, in equality and unanimity, to lead God’s church to love Him more. The Bible describes an elder as one who shepherds, leads, teaches, admonishes, and guards a local church family. They are to be men of character, who exemplify the Christian life to believers and the lost alike (1 Tim 3, Titus 1).