The purpose of our ongoing X-Men ministry is to help men find and pursue Christ. To accomplish this we focus on three areas:

  • Evangelizing
  • Encouraging
  • Equipping

More specifically, each year the X-Men ministry plans and puts on events and activities. These fall into three categories:

  • Major events – We put on three major events a year that focus on evangelizing and encouraging men.
  • Special Ops – These are smaller activities designed to appeal to men of specific interest (fishing, camping, etc.).
  • EE Events – These Encouraging and Equipping events are designed to increase our knowledge, understanding, and love of God’s Word.

If you would like more information on ways to be involved—CLICK HERE. If you would like to talk to someone about being a part of this activity-orientated, evangelizing, encouraging and equipping focused group of somewhat crazy, “thinking outside the box” guys, please contact Bill O’Brallahan at markerman@me.com or 951.206.8764.

What’s with the X in X-Men?

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