The Faith Bible Church pulpit is overseen by the FBC elders and primarily guided by the teaching pastor, who preaches most Sundays. The FBC pulpit is committed to expositional preaching, seeking the author’s intended meaning of every text, determined by diligent study, focusing on the grammar and syntax of the original languages, honoring the historical setting, the context of each passage, and its harmony with the entire bible.

The primary focus of the FBC pulpit is to exposit through books of the Bible, predominantly in the New Testament.  On occasion, whether due to a need in the church or an event in the world, specific topics are addressed.  The goal of the FBC pulpit is to allow the Spirit of God to work through the Word of God to change those who are hearing, to come to Christ in salvation or become like Christ in sanctification, and ultimately to be complete in Christ in glorification.

In a non-traditional sense, the FBC pulpit (both Sunday morning, Sunday night—possibly Saturday night) seeks to benefit from the expression of various gifted preachers whom the Lord has raised up in our midst and those we invite from outside our church. From time to time, (particularly in the summer season), the gifted preachers within our church will preach through certain series together as a team of preachers.

In summary, the FBC pulpit exposits through books of the bible, most often taught by the teaching pastor. The goal of the FBC pulpit is to be guided by the Spirit so as to vary (or give a break in) the exposition of a book for an individual sermon, or to expose our body to a needed biblical truth, theology, or shepherding issue. The FBC pulpit also believes that a variety of preachers is needed in order to fully equip the body of Christ and will therefore use other preachers individually, or in series together to expose God’s people to the whole counsel of God through expositional preaching and through all the varying preaching gifts.


Teaching Pastor