Inductive Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study on the Book of Matthew

“Inductive” means we use the Bible as the primary source of study to learn about God and what the Bible teaches.

Join us as we study the gospel of Matthew with a 10 week breakout study focusing on The Sermon on the Mount! The gospel of Matthew presents Jesus Christ as Israel’s long-awaited Messiah and rightful King. Matthew quotes more than 60 times from OT prophetic passages, emphasizing how Christ is the fulfillment of all those promises. Matthew contains the greatest quantity of Jesus’ teaching, including the Sermon on the Mount, the commissioning of the Apostles, the parables about the Kingdom, the childlikeness of the believer, and the discourse on His second coming.

We will meet together in a large group to discuss the weeks lesson and then break into smaller discipleship groups. Our desire is not only to acquire knowledge but also for changed lives as we share life upon life in our effort to become more like Christ.

When: Wednesdays, 9-11:30 AM from September 2017 through May 2018

Where: FBC Temecula facility, 27464 Jefferson Avenue C-6, Temecula

Cost: $60 for materials.

If you have questions, contact by text or email Sally Bauer at 951-760-6801 or

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