Inductive Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study in the Book of Revelation

Join us on Wednesday mornings or participate through a
Zoom meeting option.

We offer Bible Study materials in Spanish! We will also have a Spanish-speaking discipleship group.

“Inductive” means we use the Bible as the primary source of study to learn about God and what the Bible teaches.

Encouragement for studying Revelation from Pastor Chris:
Chris Mueller —“Why is this book so important to God? From chapter 1:1–it is, ‘The Revelation of Jesus Christ.’ It is uncovering truth about Jesus Christ. It is telling you things you wouldn’t know about Christ unless you read this book. God wants you to know the content of this book. In fact, it is the only book in the Bible that begins with a promise of blessing to the reader in 1:3, and ends with a promise of blessing for those who read the book in 22:7. . .not only does God want you to know this book, but He promises to bless you if you read it.”

Revelation means “an uncovering” or “an unveiling.” What the book of Revelation unveils is Jesus Christ in all His glory!
The book of Revelation provides the most detailed look into the future in all of Scripture, unveiling the future history of the world, with the return of Christ and His glorious kingdom. While all Scripture is revelation from God, the book of Revelation is of Jesus Christ. It is revelation from Christ to us regarding future things, and it is revelation about Him.
John MacArthur calls the book of Revelation, the ultimate action thriller—it contains drama, suspense, mystery, and horror. But also hope and joy. It culminates with a happy ending, as sin and death are banished forever.

We pray that you will consider joining us! We are planning by faith for our study to begin in September, on Wednesdays, 9:00 am at the FBC Temecula center. Each week we will meet together in a large group to walk through the week’s lesson and then break into smaller discipleship groups. Our desire is not only to acquire knowledge but for changed lives as we share life upon life in our effort to become more like Christ by applying the truths we are learning.

Bible Study Gathering:

When: Wednesdays, 9-11:30 AM from September 8, 2021 — May 2022

Where: FBC Temecula facility, 27464 Jefferson Avenue C-6, Temecula

Cost: $55 for materials.

Zoom meeting: Thursdays, 1:00 PM, September 9 — May 2021
Our Zoom meeting is an option for those who have special health
concerns, moms with young children, and work schedules that don’t allow
for a morning study.

Registration and Contact:

Online registration is closed. If you would like to participate in the Revelation Study, please contact Sally Bauer or Heidi Sousa. 

Women’s Inductive Study contacts: Heidi Sousa or Sally Bauer

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