What does it mean to be ‘One Heart, One Mind’?

We believe church “membership” is a biblical concept, that the New Testament presupposes and expects Christians to belong to, serve within and submit to a local church. By becoming a member, you are saying, “I am one heart and one mind with the doctrine and direction of Faith Bible Church.”

Why does FBC have membership?

  • It is biblical, not in the concept of a social club or service provider, but as a family and an embassy.
  • Local churches are to identify and affirm who belongs to God’s kingdom and who does not.
  • Membership unifies our church body in purpose & direction.
  • to disciple and train up men who’ll demonstrate and speak of Christ in their homes, their workplace and their churches
  • Membership provides boundaries to what’s taught in our church, as membership is required for teachers and those who provide spiritual care for others in our body.

How do I become ‘One Heart, one Mind’?

If you are interested in becoming a member of Faith Bible Church, you need to: 

  • Attend the Membership Classes: click for more information! (Note: Membership Classes are not mandatory; they are available for you to get to know our church and to help you go through the five required messages)
  • Listen to the five messages on ‘One Heart, One Mind’ membership
  • Write out your understanding of the gospel on 1 page (or less)
  • Complete a short Membership Form and have it signed by your ministry leader
  • Be interviewed by an elder, deacon or ministry leader
  • Have your membership application reviewed and approved by the eldership

Who can be a ‘One Heart, one Mind’ member of FBC?

Anyone can be, assuming … 

  • you are at least 16 years of age
  • you regularly attend Faith Bible Church
  • you have been baptized
  • you are planning to serve somewhere at FBC, ministering your giftedness & strengths to the benefit of others

What are my responsibilities as a ‘One Heart, One Mind’ member?

We expect that you’ll strive to do what God commands of Christians …

  • seek to grow spiritually and know God better with each passing year
  • pray regularly for families at FBC, as well as its elders, deacons and ministry leaders
  • minister your spiritual giftedness and personal strengths at Faith Bible Church
  • fight against division and strife within the church
  • manifest compassion and mercy towards Christians and non-Christians alike
  • to be known by others for your humility




Sermon outlines are available for download at the above links.


    Please download, print and fill out the MEMBERSHIP FORM, prior to your interview with an elder, deacon or ministry leader.