Gail was born and raised in a Christian home in Lakewood, Ohio.  While living outwardly as a “Christian”, her life was not genuinely transformed for another 35 years. Gail worked professionally in the legal field focusing especially on commercial construction including work on  the Alaskan Pipeline in 1975.  Her career brought her to Southern California in 1980. During these years, her personal life was characterized by devasting hurt and bad choices. 

After hearing a sermon on faith and works from James 2:14-16, God revealed to her that her life was not consistent with the faith she claimed or with the Bible she read.  Six weeks of painful self-evaluation led to full surrender to God.  God’s grace had transformed her heart.

Gail turned away from the world and devoted herself to Precept Bible Studies and intensive study on prayer.  During this time, she also ministered to young women in crisis in Long Beach. Soon after, Gail met Bill, and they were married in 1991.  They have been at Faith Bible Church since 2012.  For the past decade, Gail has served in women’s ministry, teaching Bible studies, discipleship, and marriage and family biblical counseling with Bill.

Gail leads “Refinery for Women: Intensive Discipleship” (previously known as Self-Confrontation).

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