Invites to FBC

FBC Family!

While this new season of restrictions and changes in our world have limited our ability to gather physically for worship, many of you are probably discovering that as we hold our services online, it has presented new and unique opportunities to INVITE our friends, family, and neighbors to hear the Gospel. So we wanted to aid you with some helpful tools to invite those around you to “join us” for our weekly FBC church services.

Below are two options of invitations that can be used separately or together; one is letter that you can download, and the other is a PDF that contains multiple invite cards (6 to a page) that you can print, cut, and hand out to neighbors. Want to take you’re neighbor invites to another level? Print out your 6-per-page invite cards, and using the letter as a reference, HAND WRITE your personalized note to your neighbor on the back of the invite card before delivering!

Let’s take every opportunity the Lord has given us in our current circumstances to bring Him glory through loving those around us, proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel, and praying that God would save souls and grow His Church!

Click for printable/downloadable invite cards that give info about our service time.

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