Current Equipping Classes

Diagramming the Bible

July 12-August 16

Taught by Nigel Shailer

Nigel will teach the basics of English grammar and give you confidence to read and understand the Bible. He will also teach you how to diagram Bible verses in a graphic fashion, helping you to visualize the flow of thought through Bible passages. 

The diagramming process also helps Bible study leaders to create teachings outlines directly from the text. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible teacher or a beginner, this class will greatly increase your ability to read and study the Bible with greater accuracy.

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Fundamentals of the Faith

June 27-September 26

Taught by George Terry & Chris Eich

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Do you desire to stand on rock-solid theological doctrine? Do you want to take off in your spiritual growth? Do you long to be equipped in evangelism and discipleship? Then Fundamentals of the Faith is for you!

These 16 lessons cover the foundational truths that all believers need to know:

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • How to know the Bible
  • God: His Character and Attributes
  • The Work of Christ
  • Salvation
  • The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer and the Believer
  • The Church: Fellowship and Worship
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Evangelism and the Believer
  • Obedience
  • God’s Will and Guidance

Membership Class (online edition)

June 6-July 11 (5 weeks)

Taught by Nigel Shailer

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In today’s world, the idea of committing oneself to a local church family can raise all kinds of questions. For example, “Is church membership biblical?” or “Why do I need to do this if I’m a Christian?” During this five-week class you’ll learn: Why FBC has church membership, what it means to be “One Heart, One Mind” with FBC’s doctrine and direction, and most importantly, how to become a “One Heart, One Mind” member at FBC. (*Successful completion of this class fulfills the basic requirements to become a member at Faith Bible Church.) Come join us and see why God’s perfect design for His Church includes church membership!

Class will be held Sunday evenings at 7pm through Zoom.

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