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Common Cents: How to Do Finances & Budgeting Biblically

Taught by Chris Morlok

8:30am, Room 310, Sundays (February 17 – March 10)

Are you sick and tired of being in debt? Are you sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Are finances a contentious topic in your marriage? In this 4-week class we will take a biblical and practical look at how to honor God with your income and what it looks like to be a good steward of your finances through budgeting, paying off your debt, and giving generously.

In Defense of the Bible: Why Christians Believe the Bible is God’s Word

Taught by Pat Perez

10:30am, Room 310, Sundays (February 17 – March 17)

Most Christians believe the Bible is the authority for their faith. Yet, when asked why they believe it is God’s Word, many can’t give an answer. This class will examine such questions as: How is the Bible God’s Word when it was written by men? How did God “inspire” the Bible? Is it historically accurate? What about all the contradictions? Join us as we explore the nature of history’s most unique book.

Don’t Waste Your Life: Essentials for Biblical Productivity

Taught by Francisco Martinez

10:30am, Room 305, Sundays (February 17 – March 10)

John MacArthur says, “Man plays the fool with time and opportunity more than he plays the fool in any other thing.” Many Christians either misplace or misuse their time. We only have one life to live and what we do with this life ripples into eternity. This class will help you to discover God’s will for your life and encourage you to maximize your remaining time on this earth.

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