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FBC Membership Series: One Heart, One Mind

Taught by Nigel Shailer

8:30am, Room 310, Sundays (September 30 through October 28) – Please note the room number change

In today’s world, the idea of committing oneself to a local church family can raise all kinds of questions. For example, “Is church membership biblical?” or “Why do I need to do this if I’m a Christian?” During this five-week class you’ll learn: Why FBC has church membership, what it means to be “One Heart, One Mind” with the FBC’s doctrine and direction, and, most importantly, how to become a “One Heart, One Mind” member at FBC. (*Successful completion of this class fulfills the basic requirements to become a member at Faith Bible Church) Come join us and see why God’s perfect design for His church includes church membership!

Am I a Calvinist? A Biblical and Historical Examination of the Doctrines of Grace

Taught by Pat Perez

10:15am, Room 310, Sundays (September 23 through October 28) – Please note the room number change

The term “Calvinism” is a much discussed and often misunderstood topic among believers, having given rise to much debate and controversy over the last 500 years of church history. Man’s attempt to understand God’s sovereignty in the salvation of sinners has led to many challenging questions such as: Does man’s “free will” allow him to choose or reject God? Is God’s “election” of some sinners for salvation unfair? Did God “predestine” some sinners for hell? Can God’s grace be resisted? Did Jesus die for all sinners, or only for the “elect”? Can a believer lose their salvation? Join us for this six week study where these and other questions will be explored as we pursue a biblical understanding of the doctrines of grace.

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