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FBC Membership Series: One Heart, One Mind

Taught by Peter Spiers

8:30am, Room 701, Sundays (September 24 through October 22)

In today’s world, the idea of committing oneself to a local church family can raise all kinds of questions. For example, “Is church membership biblical?” or “Why do I need to do this if I’m a Christian?” The book of Acts and the New Testament Epistles provide an ample foundation for this concept. It repeatedly presents the local church as a defined group of Christians gathered together under the care of a group of qualified pastor/elders.

During this 5 week class you’ll learn:

  • Why FBC has church membership
  • What it means to be “One Heart, One Mind” with the FBC’s doctrine and direction
  • How to become a “One Heart, One Mind” member at FBC (*Successful completion of this class fulfills the basic requirements to become a member at FBC)

Come join us and see why God’s perfect design for His church includes church membership!

Christians in Name Only: Biblical Insights for Engaging Nominal Believers

Taught by Jonathan Blackburn

10:15am, Room 701, Sundays (September 24 through October 22)

In a 2016 Gallup poll on religion in the US 77% (nearly 50 million people!) identified themselves as “Christians.” The largest category of survey-takers identified themselves as Protestants and/or Evangelicals. But when asked basic questions like, “Do you believe the Bible is without error and totally God’s Word?” or “Is belonging to a local church an essential part of genuine Christian faith?” the numbers dropped dramatically! Many of us have family members, friends and co-workers who profess to be Christians, but their beliefs and life say otherwise. As followers of Christ we can sometimes become frustrated when speaking to questionable “believers.” How does the Bible say we are to recognize, understand and respond to those who are “nominal Christians?” (nominal: something in name only, not genuine or real). Come and be encouraged and equipped to respond biblically to those you encounter who have not been genuinely transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Come and learn valuable insights designed to help you to humbly and wisely engage those who are Christians in name only.

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