Andrew Lewis married his wife Tawny in 2010. They currently have three children, Boston, Brooklyn, and Bristol. Andrew and Tawny grew up in Corona, CA and have now lived in Murrieta, CA since 2012. They began attending FBC in 2011, which eventually led to their move from Corona to Murrieta. Andrew runs a local real estate company and enjoys spending his time off camping with the family or relaxing by the pool.

Andrew’s testimony runs into early adulthood. He had attended church for many years thinking that he was saved by the one time he prayed a prayer in church. He lived his life to be a good person and people genuinely liked him. It wasn’t until early 2009 that the true weight of his sin led him to true repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then he has devoted his life to leading his wife and kids in the way of the Lord and serving faithfully in the church.

In previous years Andrew was involved in Jr High ministry with another church. At FBC Andrew began serving as a greeter and then stepped in to teach for Children’s Ministry on Sunday mornings. He now currently serves heading up the Usher Ministry and as the Inside Service Coordinator, working to ensure smooth service flow on Sunday mornings. Andrew graduated from the Training Center in 2017.

Andrew’s passion for ministry is to fill in the gaps as needed in the church. His desire is to help free the elders up for ministry so that they can better devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the word.

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