FBC Ministries – Status Update

What a Strange Time to Be Living In!

Schools are shut down.  Travel is being restricted.  Large groups are verboten.  But Jesus hasn’t come back yet, so we are still planning to worship together on Sunday.

The world (and the church!) has endured far worse pandemics; e.g., the Black Death (bubonic plague) came from China around 1350 and decimated Europe for more than 100 years, killing 1/4 of the population.  During that time, Christians had mixed responses.  Some fled towns, and other stayed to minister to the sick and dying.  In 1527, Martin Luther wrote a small pamphlet, Whether One May Flee From a Deadly Plague.  Filled with biblical wisdom and practical advice, he concludes that there is not a right or wrong response, encouraging believers to not be over-confident and foolish, nor to be fearful of death.

In the same way, we want to heed the warnings of medical professionals and not act rashly or foolishly, yet we cannot live in fear.  This is a time for wisdom, caution, grace and courage.

As we have discussed the programs and calendar of Faith Bible Church for the weeks ahead, we have sought to walk that fine line.

If you are pregnant, over 60 years old, have respiratory issues or a compromised immune system, we would encourage you to prioritize your health over corporate church gatherings.

For everyone else, here is what’s happening:

Currently Active Ministries

  • Sunday Worship service will be live streamed at 9:30am. Please watch from home and, if possible, with another family. Don’t miss out on fellowship!
  • Sunday Spanish translation services will be completed after the live stream has concluded and be posted online at media.faith-bible.net by Tuesday.  We hope to move back to live translation in weeks to come.
  • Student Ministries will be live streamed HERE on Wednesday nights.  Check with Morgan and Shayne for details.

Ministries on Break

  • Community Groups are postponed until we are able to meet in larger groups again.
  • Equipping classes are postponed until such time that we have a facility available to us again.
  • Baptism and the Prep class are postponed for the time being.  We may integrate into Sunday morning worship in weeks to come, depending on the duration of the public health mandates currently in place.
  • Mystery Night and Gametras have been postponed (but not cancelled).  Future dates will be announced when we have more clarity on duration of current health mandates.
  • ​Children’s Ministry is on hiatus until such time as we have a facility to gather in again.
  • Sunday Nights are now over, with last Sunday being our final for this season.  We anticipate restarting them in the fall.

Ministries Not Listed

  • Check with the ministry leader to ascertain the plan directly from them.

As our national and state leaders reflect, this is a developing situation and we do not know how far or how bad it will be.  But we know that our Heavenly Father does!!

So encourage one another to not live in fear AND to take wise and appropriate steps to prevent the natural spread of sickness – washing your hands frequently, coughing and sneezing into an arm, staying home when you’re sick, etc.   If you speak with those who are elderly or have other other conditions that put them at high-risk, be particularly gracious to them and encourage them to pour the Word into their hearts all the more during this time of heightened uncertainties.

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