How to Participate in the Sunday Livestream

Key Principle = Participate and Do Not WATCH

Whether you are joining a CG, as a family, or individually, the very act of engaging in a church service as a video feed is fraught with danger.  When people watch a show, whether on TV or in a theatre, our normal response is to become passive consumers.  Yet that is not how God designed the church to function.

This is why we are encouraging all of FBC to still be in community on Sunday morning. Gatherings are now limited to 10 people, and we still desire for you to fellowship together in small numbers. Keep the community and corporate aspects of the church service alive, though we are split apart for a time.  At the same time, we recognize that not everyone will be able to join together this Sunday.

In fact – If you are pregnant, over 60 years old, have respiratory issues or a compromised immune system, we would strongly encourage you to stay home and participate in the live stream from there.

So however you join the live stream on Sunday, let me encourage you to engage in the following ways:

1. Sing when we sing
It doesn’t matter if you’re gathered as a family or joining in solo—in fact, you may sound even better this way!  😉  But the very act of singing is worship in a way that watching people sing is not.  Commit to joining us in song no matter where you are watching from.

2. Greeting / Talking
In church, there are right and wrong times to talk.  It is entirely appropriate to talk during the greeting time—and there will be one on Sunday—so if you’re with family, plan a question to ask, something lighthearted and encouraging.  During the sermon, please don’t talk (unless you’re yelling an Amen!).  You wouldn’t do that in a corporate setting; don’t do it while watching the livestream.

3. Giving
Christians give as an aspect of worship—we do this on Sundays at church, and to people in need during the week.  If you tend to give with a check or cash, each CG will have envelopes for you to mail in your offering.  If you have been meaning to transition to online giving, then now is the perfect time to do that.

4. Communion
If you’ve been attending FBC for more than a week, then you know that the Lord’s Table is an important part of our worship service.  For this season, we are NOT going to celebrate communion together.  Rather than having people rushing to find bread & liquid of some sort, we want to think through how to best do this in a distributed environment.

5. Have and Use Your Bible
As we dig into the Word this Sunday, you need a Bible.  We offer them every Sunday and they are not meant for decoration.  Do not be a passive consumer of preaching.  Instead, choose to follow along and mark up your Bible as we study the Scripture together.

Now – with those exhortations in mind, here is how you can tune into the livestream on Sunday:


There a lot of new moving parts to doing church this way.  Please pray that the Lord enables it all to work smoothly and richly blesses the ministry of His Word.

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