How Should I Feel About the COVID Outbreak?

This is Not a First

Ever since sin entered the world, creation has groaned under its effects (Romans 8:19-22).  Diseases like the coronavirus are here because Adam sinned, and the world has been in a death spiral ever since.  In ancient times, they labeled pandemics as plagues.  The Bubonic Plague was the most catastrophic, killing 100-200 million across Asia, Africa and Europe during the Middle Ages.  Next on the list was Influenza, which infected a third of the world, killing up to 50 million strong, healthy adults while leaving those normally at risk still alive.  During that outbreak, a shutdown occurred of schools, churches, etc. similar to what we’re seeing today.

And in these times, Christians and churches have been a stabilizing force, full of compassion, love, mercy, and a strong confidence in the Gospel.  Whether we remain alive, grow sick or succumb to death, we know that every man, woman and child will stand before the Throne of God.  And though the Enemy seeks to devour, we know that the Lord reigns, Heaven awaits, and Jesus Christ is our only true hope.  So we watch events unfold and minister to others with Gospel Hope.

Be Careful, But Not Fearful

Certain shelves in the grocery stores are empty.  Costco is limiting what you buy.  Amazon is out of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer.  There is evidence that people are in panic mode.  This will settle down in time.  But you should be careful.

Soap is proven to be better at killing germs than any hand sanitizer, so wash your hands whenever you’ve been in contact with others of unknown health.  Stop touching your eyes and nose.  Make sure to cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm, or even a handkerchief!  Stay home when you’re sick.  Isolate your kids more than usual when they’re sick. Call for medical help if you have a fever, cough and trouble breathing.  Take the advised precautions.

At the same time, you do not need to go into full lockdown.  In times like this, fellowship with other believers is critical.  Talk on the phone, video chat, join a small group, anticipate Sunday worship, read the Word more.  Don’t waste your time binge-watching Netflix or Disney+.  Use your time to pursue the Lord in new ways and to develop new habits.

There’s No Excuse to Skip Church

Ten years ago, we did not have the ability as a church to live stream service the way we do now.  Today, you have NO EXCUSE to skip participating in church.  You can still tune into the live stream. Watch it with your family, your friends, or even with your neighbors.

In fact – if you are pregnant, over 60 years old, have respiratory issues or a compromised immune system, we would strongly encourage you to stay home and participate in the live stream from there.

You can no longer blame a sick kid at home, a long Saturday night, or even working Sunday morning for missing church.  Service will be live streamed at 9:30am, with the recorded copy still available afterwards for any who missed it.

This present and temporary restriction is not persecution aimed at suppressing the church.  We view it as an opportunity for growth!  We are learning better how to communicate and shepherd in the face of adversity.  We are being forced to learn technology that we would not have intentionally pursued for some years.  There is potential for MORE people to hear the Gospel now via the live stream than if we were meeting at Bella Vista this Sunday.

Faith Bible Church is distributed and decentralized for a time, but it is not done with.  We are excited for this opportunity to grow in new ways and believe that our church will exit this crisis more strong and healthy than when it began.  We ask that you would pray for us, communicate with us and join together with us in worshipping our Great God this Sunday!

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