A Vision for the Future of FBC

Wildomar - Future Site of FBC

24 acres in Wildomar – the future site of FBC

In September 2010, by God’s grace, FBC bought 24 acres of land in Wildomar that had been foreclosed and gone back to the bank. We don’t like building campaigns or debt, so we worked to quickly pay off the land loan by 2015, and we are now pursuing development of the property with the City of Wildomar. Lord willing, this site will one day be the future home of Faith Bible Church.

Regardless of where we eventually put down roots, our strong commitments are:

  • to equip believers in such a way that their faith, knowledge and understanding of God is nurtured and deepened
  • for the strengths, passions and spiritual gifts of believers in our body to be used in such a way that a more complete composite of Jesus is manifest in our church than could ever be possible with a single man or woman
  • for believers in our body to speak regularly and with joy to others about the God who loves them so much and the Son whose righteousness has been made theirs
  • to disciple and train up men who’ll demonstrate and speak of Christ in their homes, their workplace and their churches
  • to send men out to plant churches and strengthen existing ones
  • for our church and our people to be known throughout the valley as humble, loving and gracious without compromising the least bit of doctrinal truth

For those interested in learning more, we held a community information meeting in January 2019 to share our plans.

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