Community Groups

Discipleship, Community, Outreach - and you...

Spread throughout our valley are FBC families who love Sundays but know they're not enough. You need more time in the Word. You want help applying the Bible to specific issues in your life. You miss having extended time to connect with people. You want more opportunities to encourage and serve other people.

Community Groups are for you. Scattered through Murrieta, Temecula and Menifee are Community Groups, where people gather for discipleship, fellowship and outreach. See the map to find one near you at a time that works.

Discipleship, Community & Outreach.
Those are the three main goals of each Community Group.

Too often, discipleship ends when high school or college is over. 2 Timothy 2:2 and Titus 2:4-5 call men to invest in men, and women to invest in women as a natural part of life. As Jesus describes in Matthew 28:18-20, discipleship is a natural part of Christianity and life together.

Community Groups are MANY adult discipleship groups that gather together in community, to get to know each other, enjoy one another and serve & encourage one another. Occasionally, each Community Group also does a neighborhood outreach event to show Jesus' love and compassion to the people around them.

We gather together to pursue Christ together. Your lifestyle, speech, attitudes, parenting, marriage, words and priorities are held up to the Word of God, as we seek to bring all those areas under obedience to what God says. It is intentional, life-on-life investment to move toward Christ-likeness. We’re talking about something that is messy, hard, difficult, not comfortable and painful at times, but TRANSFORMING.

You don't just need a person in your life
We see Jesus most clearly in community

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